It is easy to fund your clothing purchases with the American Eagle Credit Card from American Eagle Outfitters, and you’ll get great benefits as a cardholder. Applying for and using the American Eagle Credit Card brings limits, rewards, focus, and access to significant savings opportunities for cardholders. As with any credit card, it is important to read the fine print, as the terms and conditions contain specific provisions that cardholders must be aware of.


The American Eagle Credit Card offers a revolving credit extension similar to a traditional Visa or MasterCard. Still, it is only accepted by American Eagle, Aerie, and on the website. Therefore, cardholders cannot use the card to make purchases at different stores or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Therefore, the application of the card only takes a few minutes. Additionally, interested customers can sign up on the American Eagle website or in any of the physical areas of the store. The choice of loan is made practically quickly. For credit card applicants, the higher the credit score, the higher the credit limit at the time of confirmation. When the card is activated, it is usually used immediately.


American Eagle Credit Card customers enjoy exclusive benefits every time they use the card. The store offers 15% off the main purchase made with another card. The cardholder earns an additional savings point for every $25 spent on the card at American Eagle or Aerie. These bulbs have a limited claim, with ten bulbs worth $10 in savings.

People who shop at American Eagle often get the most out of their American Eagle credit card. In fact, even someone who buys clothes there several times a year can save real money, the extra savings points don’t expire, and the birthday coupon doesn’t need to be used on that day. It can be very good to leave something aside for a future purchase.