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This version of the card has the same benefits as the U.S.-issued version, except that this version allows the cardholder to use the card anywhere Visa is accepted (and receive bonus points for doing so). These are the same credit cards used by Aerie, AEO’s lingerie sub-brand.

American Eagle Credit Card Benefits

  • The two American Eagle Credit Card offer different benefits to AEO buyers and fans.
  • As a new cardholder, the card offers a 20% discount on your first AEO purchase. You also earn points.
  • You can use points to save at American Eagle or Aerie. AEO or Aerie loyalty cards award 15 points per dollar spent.
  • The Visa card also gives you 5 points for every dollar spent elsewhere.
  • American Eagle stores reward 2,500 points with a $10 discount. In addition, cardholders receive exclusive sales and a 20% anniversary voucher each year.


American Eagle Connected Credit Card Benefits & Features At A Glance:

  • 20% off your first purchase at American Eagle Outfitters
  • free standard delivery
  • Earn bonus points at American Eagle stores
  • 20% off birthday voucher
  • A personal voucher for one day

How Rewards Are Issued?

After shoppers accumulate 2,500 points, they will receive a $10 coupon.

We won’t bore you with the math, but basically it goes like this:

  • AE Basic cardholders can only use the card at AE Family stores (15 points for $1) and receive 6% cashback in store.
  • AE Visa cardholders also earn 6% cash at the AE store, but 2% at all other Visa branches.
  • If a buyer buys 5 pairs of jeans or 5 bras, he will receive the item for free.
  • Rewards are sent via email and text, or cardholders can access their rewards via the AEO app or Aerie Mobile.

The AEO Rewards Program terms and conditions state that members will generally receive a reward within 15-21 days of reaching the reward threshold.