If you love shopping at American Eagle, the AEO Connected credit card offers enough perks to keep your closet and wallet full any time of year. Keep in mind that the Buy Five, Get One Free offer on jeans and bras is limited to company brands only and does not count towards sales or third-party items.


The American Eagle Credit Card comes in two varieties. One is the loyalty card that can be used in AEO stores and the other is the Visa card that can help you wherever Visa payments are processed.

Fees Of The American Eagle Credit Cards

While there is no annual fee, which is a big plus for some people, there are other fees to consider when reviewing the terms and conditions of a credit card. What you’ll immediately notice is the strong APR. With a variable interest rate of 28.24%, you will quickly be in trouble if you have a balance on this card! Many other rewards cards offer an introductory 0% APR for up to 15 months if that financial benefit is important to you.

You’ll also notice the late payment is $38. While this is pretty common for a card of this caliber, don’t get into the habit of making late payments. On the Visa card is also the APR and fees for cash advances, although we don’t recommend using your credit card for a cash advance unless you are in an emergency.

There are also international transaction fees, but many cards will not be charged when shopping abroad if you travel a lot. The best way to avoid those pesky fees? Be a responsible cardholder and pay your balance on time every month.

Late Fees to Pay for Credit Cards

Cardholders have 26 days to pay the card fee on the previous statement before interest continues to accrue on the outstanding balance. Pay the required base amount before the due date to ensure the account is in good standing and avoid paying a $25 late fee.